products processed form
squid squid whole(sqw)
squid whole cleaned(sqwc)
squid tubes(sqt)
squid tentacles(sqtn)
squid rings(special pack)(sqrg)
octopus octopus gutted octopus legs
cuttle fish cuttle fish whole(cfw)
cuttle fish whole cleaned(cfwc)
cuttle fish roe(eggs)
double skinned cuttle fish fillets
cuttle fish- sashmi grade cuttle fish fillets(cfft)
cuttle fish tentacles(cftn)
crabs whole crab cut crab
shrimps head-on shrimp(h/o)
headless shrimp(h/l)
peeled and undeveined shrimp(pud)
peeled and deveined(pd)
baigai (arc shell) baigai shell-on baigai meat
fishes whole round fish
gutted fish
headless and tailless
fish fillets
fish steaks
mussels half shell mussel mussel meat
lobster lobster whole lobster tail
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